What Nature Has Taught Us

The day was warm but adorable, and we start our way towards the ocean, the beach at the south of Karachi, it had a long to go there and enjoy that beautiful sight. Last time when I went there I was a kid and didn’t have that approach to feel and heard the voice and lessons of the ocean.

When we went there the sea was approaching toward us. It was around 11 am, at 12, the sea hits the wall of the hut and that thunderous voice is still roving in my ears. as the sun moves toward the west, sea is going far apart from us, and at that instant I feel like someone or something is going away  from me just like this sea, opportunities comes to us like that sea but if we couldn’t avail it or couldn’t get wet so you have to suffer as the sea is going far away from you, but if you resist there and wait for the sea, it would take time but there would be moment again when sea will come to you. The sea will come to you if you have persistence and determination.

The sea is moving forward and backward, I was walking on that cool and loose sand, it was so relaxing that my mind gets fresh, at that instant I look at the mark of wave on the sand, the next wave couldn’t touch that mark but suddenly that wave goes back and merge with another succeeding wave, with more power, and passes over that wave mark, that’s teamwork moreover it’s a responsibility of each and everyone to help one another to get that desirable mark.

As the sea goes back, I was sitting on that sand and pressed sand with my  palm, it was soft, but there were some small pieces of rock also, as I remove that piece of rock, a wave come and remove the sand which had not been moving even by the strong wave.This time, a normal wave come and take that rock and some traces of sand with it, I was astonished to see that how important unity is , when both sand and rock are united no wave have power to dismiss it.

Nature is our best teacher, it’s better for us to learn from it, otherwise,our experiences will teach us and at that moment we couldn’t do nothing but regret.


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